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Hello my name is Nirosh and I am from Sri Lanka, exactly from Gampaha (If you need No 377/1, Pahala Imbulgoda, Imbulgoda). I'm a Nalandian, the Scool highly reputed for producing cricketers and graduated from University of Colombo, the place where I started building my career. I'm a Software Enginneer. I started my career as a VC++ programmer and move on to Embedded Visual C++ later and gained one an half years of experience. Now .. I am seriuosly in bussiness with .NET/C#, the language I loved most. As most do, I don't have much hobbies except programming and travelling, in the same time I do participate regularly at the microsoft c# news group as well.

My Family: My father is L.W. Piyasena, he is a retired Store Keeper at Food Dept. and my mother is R.A. Mabel she is a retired Planning and Programming Officer at Health Dept., I have two sisters, both currently doing their higher studies in Sri Lanka.
One is Manoja doing her degree (Agry) at Pera, Other is Jeewa and she is doing her degree (Medicine) at Japura. Please forgive I have shortened some of these names.

In university I was pretty much a Java guy who loved linux & java. I started my programming in 1997 and developed a java tree applet class library, which quite easilly compete with java swing tree. I loved linux as well and I was one of the first to deal with Linux in our university. It was linux 4.0 not eassy as today, cofiguring hardware... I think those who know can get me. The time chaged as I joined with a company, mainly focus with mobile devices, actually I did some linux admin work there as well and today all thrown out and I am with E-Leaning.  Dot Net going to be my future..

My Resume: May be you might want..

Friends: Yes I have lots of friends.. I think better not to be mentioned, I might miss a one. Any way if you want to contact me.. the info is ..

Mobile Number: +94-777-820808

Land Line: +94-033-57674

Click here to contact me by mail.

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